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Spadeworkz represents its clients and never indulges in shopping candidate bios and CV's around. We are not an outplacement agency. As a preliminary step in identifying potentially qualified candidates for a carefully specified leadership role in a client, we will include a search of our own candidate databases and other sources.

We believe in Equal Opportunity for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, handicap or sexual orientation. The staffing policies and practices of Spadeworkz for our organization, our clients and candidates are fully non-discriminatory.

Code of Ethics
We need to agree with clients from the outset which candidate sources are off-limits for a particular assignment. These should include:

  • Sister companies or divisions of the client. 
  • Individuals placed by Spadeworkz in their current company (unless the client specifically requests that we can approach that candidate). 
  • Candidates with firms or elements of firms where Spadeworkz has agreed to put them off-limits. Local offices are free to put clients off-limits for a two-year period after the completion of the assignment or its termination by the client. A local office can only do this for those parts of client organizations operating in that territory. Off-limits can only be applied to other territories with the agreement of the president of Spadeworkz Consultants This will only be agreed if there is potential conflict of interest as a result of the search to be conducted for the client and not simply because it is nice to have. 

Candidates should be protected against risk of exposure that may damage them:

  • No candidate will have his or her particulars divulged to a client without his or her agreement. 
  • Reference checking of references provided by the candidate will not be conducted without the knowledge and agreement of the candidate. This does not preclude normal candidate search. 
  • Candidate files will only be maintained with the candidate's permission. 

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