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Executive Search

At Spadeworkz, we believe that the management development process starts at the Recruitment stage itself. We search for active, self- reliant people with a wide range of talents and great potential. In practical terms, this means that we don’t simply identify candidates to match their profile with a job description – we concentrate on finding executives not only with the potential to do an outstanding job in the vacant position but who will progress through the company into more senior roles. The ability to identify a ‘learning agile’ executive i.e. someone who can adapt their style to different situations, absorb new information and revise their perspectives, is based on a stringent selection process. 

Broadly our process can be divided into:
  • Understanding the overall strategic direction of our clients.

  • Establishing a talent matrix, which features several of the core requirements of the job.

  • Identification of possible candidate pool.

  • Evaluation of candidates is based on the applicability of the criteria allowing for flexibility in terms of which factors are emphasized depending on the level, organizational area and specific position. We look for a healthy balance between specialist and social skills.


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